Friday, November 19, 2010

Getting Older and Wiser

Life is not a popularity contest.  My focus is on the oceans; not on anyone’s approval.   I am sure the whales and dolphins will approve of my actions.   One good thing about getting older is that the negative opinions others might hold about me or my views really don’t matter.

I started this blog because of my trip to Taiji, but I now realize I am meant to write and share my experiences and observations about all things related to the oceans. 

Some people reading this blog might think I have no business telling people in another country what they should or should not do; that we should respect other cultures.  Many crimes have been committed all over the world in the name of culture, but what might have been the norm at one time is no longer considered acceptable.  Catalonia has banned bullfighting and England has banned fox hunting.

When I tell people about my trip to Taiji, many are not sure what to say.  Some say they hope I have a nice vacation but then they blush because they know it isn’t a vacation, but are at a loss for words. Others have corrected themselves and said “Have a good… protest?” but realized that was not exactly correct either.

If you are wondering what to say, just wish me well in my attempt to save the lives of the dolphins by drawing attention to the issue.   No wild animals are being exterminated anywhere in the world the way the dolphins are in Japan. 

The dolphins do not belong to Japan.   They are citizens of the oceans.  

For the Oceans,


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