Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year’s Predictions for Taiji

For many of us, this is a time for reflection and anticipation.  What does the future hold for the dolphins and the killers of Taiji?
The last several days have been good for the dolphins because the killers have taken a vacation, but a dolphin named Misty has not been so fortunate. She is confined in a dirty pool that barely gives her room to turn around. She is alone, and depressed, and she clings desperately to the yellow buoy in her mouth as a child would a toy.   
As the killers of Taiji enjoy their vacation with their family, poor Misty knows her family is gone and her only comfort in the world is an inanimate object. She was selected to be trained, and if she survives the hell hole she is in in Taiji, she will be tranquilized and packed in a box the size of a coffin and covered with ice for transport to an aquarium where she will survive only a fraction of the time she would in the wild. She will experience depression, skin rashes, ulcers, infections, and unbearable loneliness, and if she wants to eat, she will have to perform stupid tricks to amuse humans.   
One does not have to be a fortune teller to predict the future for the killers. They think they have the upper hand on the Cove Guardians and all the people around the world who oppose their heinous acts, but for those who murder dolphins, the future is not so bright.
Eventually Japan will have no choice but to stop issuing permits to kill small cetaceans. The international opposition to the dolphin slaughter continues to grow and Japan cannot financially afford to isolate itself from the world by legally permitting acts that are considered criminal is most other countries.  The killers might think they are respected because they have little or no opposition from their own community. Don’t confuse fear with respect.   
I would be less than honest if I claimed to have any concern for the killers, but I do have grave concerns for the children because they will pay for the crimes of the previous generation; the generation who fed their families dolphin meat with unsafe mercury levels.  
So killer dudes, how proud will your children be when their children; YOUR GRANDCHILDREN, are plagued with birth defects and medical problems?  Are you smiling now grandpa?   Your offspring are not, but of course, you cannot see them, because they have disowned you.  
That is what I predict for the killers of Taiji.
For the Oceans,

Please flood the Dolphin Base,, with emails to let them know what you think about the conditions in which Misty is forced to live.  Make sure they feel the heat while there is still time to save her.   (We do not know if Misty is male or female, but I have made the assumption Misty is female because dolphin trainers prefer female dolphins.)

2011 Prediction: The killers won’t need these much longer.


  1. Janice, I like your prediction! A safe and happy New Year to you and all of the others who have bravely ever stood in witness to the horror that is Taiji.

  2. AMEN Sista...I pray for Misty all Day long..i go to Bed and can;t sleep because misty is all I think about...I like your Prediction and i hope it comes true

  3. I agree , your predictions will come to pass
    For these Evil Fisherman who say it is " there right"
    "there Proud heritage " to hunt n torturously kill
    Dolphins the way the do , But Yet for People who
    Are So Proud of what they do.....Why then do they
    Try n Hide there horrendous acts Under endless Blue
    Tarps.... Because they know it's horrible! Shame on
    You Once again Japan...The Eyes of the world are on
    On you once again, for the torture your inflicting on one
    Poor little Dolphin!