Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Going to Taiji

There are times in life when a person needs to stand up for their beliefs and take action. The decision has been made. I am going to Taiji.

I have been involved in animal welfare for many years, but I have never used the “A” word to describe myself.  That has changed so I should just say it. I am an activist.

It is a misconception to think that activists are a bunch of rebels who do not work for a living and have strange coloured hair, body piercings, and tattoos.

Yes, I am a bit of a rebel, but I have a good education, run my business, pay my taxes, and the only hair colour I use is to cover that annoying gray. I am just a normal person who has decided to take a stance against the crimes committed against the oceans and the creatures therein.   

Time is running out for the oceans.   There is only 10% of the life in the oceans that there was 50 years ago and the majority of the damage has been inflicted during the past 20 years.  Purse seiners, long liners, trawlers, factory ships, and long distance fleets have pillaged the seas.

Decades of pollution have resulted in high mercury levels in fish, especially the large predators such as whales, dolphins, sharks, marlin, and bluefin tuna.      Carbon emissions from fossil fuels have raised ocean acidity levels and there are many areas of our oceans that have no oxygen and are devoid of life of any kind, including seabirds.   

I am horrified by the slaughter of whales and dolphins in Taiji, Japan.   I hope that by bearing witness to this horror and by telling the story, I can draw attention to this issue. 

It is people who force governments to act and I believe that international pressure on Japan will make them stop this senseless killing of intelligent, sentient creatures.  

There are risks associated with my trip to Taiji, but they pale in comparison to what is happening to the whales and dolphins.   While swimming freely in the oceans they have the misfortune of migrating past the notorious killing cove.   Hours later the water turns red. Their insides are ripped out and are taken away on a gutting barge. 

Former dolphin killing communities have transformed into eco tourist destinations. Change can happen and it is my goal to ensure it does.  

For the Oceans,



  1. Dear Janice,

    I've posted your blog to my Facebook and invited my friends and family to follow your journey. I know for sure some of them will. I wish you luck and saftey. I'm so proud to know you. Thank you for caring, my friend.

  2. For my dearest friend...
    I, too, have posted you to my Facebook account and encourage all I know to follow you and support you. The Units are talking with their Club in Victoria about your voyage... they have become major JP supporters.

    Your conviction and passion is a lesson to us all and I for one am so extremely proud of you. I miss you and send you love and Godspeed.
    May the oceans bless you as you deserve.