Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Coming of Age in Taiji

Some days I have a sense of dread from the moment I arrive at the Cove, but today felt different.  
It was a great day for the dolphins and the timing was especially fantastic because it was Nicole’s birthday. I was thankful that Nicole, a marine biology student from Australia, did not have to witness a dolphin slaughter on her 20th birthday.
Everyone who has spent time at the Cove ages several years in just a few weeks. There is a loss of innocence when one sees the horrific acts humans commit; without any conscience, and with impunity.  Many Taiji veterans are having a difficult time adjusting to life back home. The façade has been stripped away, priorities are being revised, and excess baggage is cast off and abandoned. 
Today was Nicole’s birthday, but being in Taiji has been a coming of age for all of us.  
For the Oceans,
Nicole's Birthday


  1. So glad...I mean SO VERY, VERY, VERY GLAD to see a smile on her face. Know that your friends around the world who connect to you from a laptop and a keyboard prayed for a day like this for you. We continue to pray for a day like this for all of us...for the dolphins...for the oceans.

  2. Happy Birthday Nicole!!! May blessings continue to happen forever in your life :)