Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Viewing Murder through a Lens

The weather was ideal for the dolphin killers and this morning the Cove Guardians had a bad feeling about how this day would end.  I opted for the position on Tsunami Hill that enabled me to video the banger boats and the activities in the killing cove.
The dolphins put up a fight. The pod split and then one of those groups split again. It might sound like good news that some of the dolphins escaped, but it is very likely they will stay in the area to look for their family members. 
A calf was separated from its mother so she is probably searching for her baby right now. That dolphin’s motherly determination to reunite her family is likely to seal her fate tomorrow.
There were huge tents covering a significant portion of the Cove.  This is a national park and if I didn’t know otherwise, I would assume the Boy Scouts were having a Jamboree.    
I think I understand how a journalist feels when documenting genocide. The lens of my camera watched this repulsive scene while I focused my attention on the viewfinder that was playing a Hollywood movie with realistic special effects.   If anyone has any other ideas on how to deal with this, please let me know.
People have different perspectives and we all view the world through our own lens, but I can’t imagine any legitimate argument that could justify what my camera saw today.  
For the Oceans,

Morning at the Cove

Tents Covering the Killing Cove

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  1. Another sad day for the world and the oceans.
    Thank you for being there.