Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Please Do What You Can

Many people have said they want to be with us in Taiji, but finances and family commitments prevent them from joining us at the Cove. Not everyone can come to Taiji and not everyone should.   
Stopping the dolphin slaughter in Taiji is going to take a lot of people working together and the role of those who are supporting us from afar is vitally important. We can’t do this without you. The words of support we receive are very encouraging and I want to thank everyone who has sent emails and commented on our blogs and on Facebook.    
If you feel frustrated because you can’t stop the dolphin slaughter, take back your power. This is a call to action.
1.     Talk with 3 people about the dolphin slaughter; people with whom you have never discussed the issue. Explain that it is the sale of live dolphins that drives the slaughter and implore them to never go to an aquarium or amusement park that has captive dolphins.   Direct these 3 people to your favourite blogs and websites and provide them with the phone number of the Japanese Embassy.

2.     If you choose to boycott a particular Japanese company, your actions are more effective if you let the company know why you are not purchasing their products.  I am not calling for a boycott of all Japanese products, but I suggest people make wise consumer decisions.

3.     Call the Japanese Embassy and tell them how you feel. Insist on speaking with a person.  

No dolphins were killed today in Taiji, but it is going to take an army of people to stop the ongoing dolphin slaughter.  Don’t assume the front line of this battle is in Taiji.  This war must be waged on a number of fronts and if everyone does what they can, the dolphin slaughter in Taiji can be stopped.
For the Oceans,

Happy Dolphin Bridge in Taiji



  1. Janice, thanks for this reminder. I can't even imagine how frustrating it is for you all out there in Taiji. We definitely hear and sense it back here. Yes, it gets frustrating here, too. Can't even tell you how many times I have been treated rudely by the various folks on the other end of the line at the Japanese Embassies and Consulates....all of that pales in comparison to the real life crisis that you all witness first-hand almost everyday in Taiji...So, thanks for the reminder. We are all in this together - to win it - for the dolphins - for the oceans - for the planet - for all of us.

  2. Janice, I'm telling & telling. Heading for Cuba soon & there's a dolphin prison right next door. Will tell other happy vacationers to stay away from it. Thanks for going to Taiji & standing up for all of us, my friend.