Thursday, December 9, 2010

Out of Bounds

Today I learned where I could and could not go in Taiji.  There are some areas that are definitely out of bounds.
Our first stop this morning was at the harbour to see if the boats went out and we were disappointed to see they had. The place where the Cove Guardians normally park their car had a no parking sign that had not been there before so we parked 20’ away. Perhaps when the fishermen are forced out of business they can be retrained as parking enforcement officers.
The property of the Fisherman’s Union, referred to by the Cove Guardians as the “FU”, is definitely out of bounds.  Why would anyone want to go to a place called the FU?
The fish market is also out of bounds. That is fine with me. Years ago I was at the fish market in Tokyo and it was disgusting. 
There is a barricade at the Cove that blocks the path that provides a view of the killing cove. Locals walk there without consequence, but we have been told we cannot cross the barricade because of the danger of falling rock. Apparently rock can only fall on Sea Shepherd supporters.
The Whale Museum in Taiji is open to the public, but not foreigners.  That is very strange.  If they are so proud of their culture, why would they not be willing to share it with others?
I now know where I can and can’t go.  I wish the dolphins would learn that Japan is out of bounds.   This time last year approximately 1000 dolphins had been killed in Taiji, but this killing season there have been only about 450 dolphins slaughtered.  I hope the dolphins are avoiding the area because the alternative is that the dolphin population is declining.
Today the dolphins stayed away. The wind picked up and boats came back early.
It was a good first day at the Cove. 
For the Oceans,

Cove Guardians

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