Saturday, December 11, 2010

Trying to Disguise Death

Today ended badly for approximately 10 Risso’s dolphins. We could hear the killers banging on their poles so I can only imagine how loud and terrifying this was for this family of dolphins.   
While positioning their nets at the mouth of the Cove, a banger boat crashed into the rocks. There was a lot of yelling and commotion from the fishermen and cheering from the Cove Guardians.  
After the nets were secure, the dolphin killers had lunch. 
We had a good view of the dolphins as they looked futilely for an escape route. There were small dolphins as well as some that were 10 – 12 feet and approximately 1000 pounds.  An entire extended family was murdered. 
The killers continue to improve their methods of concealing their activities, but they make mistakes.  After the slaughter, the dolphins were covered in blue tarps and dragged alongside boats to the slaughter house, but there was a fin sticking out from under the tarp.  
At the slaughter house, they had invested in some new rigging and curtains to better disguise the transfer of the bodies from the boats to the slaughter house.  They seem to be avoiding the intermediate step of the gutting barge, perhaps because it provides another opportunity for our cameras.
The Cove Guardians are not the only people in Taiji with prying cameras.   There is another group of activists as well as others working independently to stop the dolphin genocide.
I understand the Fisherman’s Union has hired a film crew. Apparently they want to tell their side of the story in response to the negative international publicity they received because of the Academy Award winning documentary, “The Cove”.
I think an “FU” movie is a great idea!   Both yesterday and today the film crew were in the slaughter house and because they bypassed the gutting barge, I am sure the footage will be outstanding.  
The movie “The Cove” cannot be shown in Japan and most Japanese people do not know about the dolphin slaughter so the FU movie will fill the gap.  If this was a basketball game, the killers just threw the ball into their own net.    
With all the cameras at the Cove, despite their efforts, there is no way the killers can disguise death.
For the Oceans,

Pushing Dolphins into the Cove

New Curtains at the Slaughter House

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