Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hello Japanese Readers

I can see from my blog statistics that during the past 24 hours, more people from Japan read my blog than in all other countries combined.  Since I am getting some attention from the Japanese public, I would like to speak to the Japanese people today.
The Cove Guardians are not anti-Japanese, but we are opposed to anyone who kills whales and dolphins.  We know that many people in Japan do not support the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, but are afraid to express their opinion.  
As long as the slaughter continues, the reputation of Taiji and Japan will be tainted and millions of people around the world will want to punish you and will not buy Japanese products. By allowing the dolphin genocide to continue, Japan is isolating itself from the world.   The financial and social damage that is being done far outweighs the profits from the live dolphin trade and the dolphin slaughter.
My role as a Cove Guardian is to make people aware of what is happening in Taiji and to put pressure on Japan, but I cannot stop the slaughter. You, the Japanese people, are the only ones who can end this insanity.
Write letters to your government representatives and talk to the media.
Please join us at the Cove.   You will see that we are just normal people who love dolphins and have put our lives on hold to try to make a difference, but we need your help.   Please find your voice.
For the Oceans,


  1. Janice,

    Thank you for having the courage to be there in Taiji. I would like to say that my initial reasons for boycotting Japanese products were in no way to make a statement. I simply cannot look at a Japanese made product and not think of the horrid atrocities perpetrated by the fisherman of Taiji. When I see a label that says, "Made In Japan," my mind sees a cove filled with blood. I hear dolphins screaming for their children and family that are being stabbed right before their eyes. I could not bring myself to buy anything made in Japan because I cannot contribute in any way to the holocaust that continues there.

    Many times, I have written the Prime Minister of Japan pleading with him to stop the killings. I have spoke to the consulates and embassies of Japan begging them to stop the massacres. I told them that if they did not stop them, I would never purchase another product from Japan for as long as I live. It has not stopped, so I must keep my word.

    My family will never buy from Japan or they take the risk of bringing shame upon themselves. I tell everyone about these horrors were ever I go.

    The Japanese people must understand that this is truly an epidemic of epic proportions. Thousands of people see The Cove every day and they all take it upon themselves to boycott Japan because it is all they can do, except to tell everyone they know to watch The Cove.

    People of Japan! You must stand up for yourselves! These few fishermen in Taiji are killing your country economically while they are getting rich! These evil and selfish fishermen in Taiji will turn Japan into a third world country for your children and their children by their actions today. But the fishermen's children will be fine because they will be rich from the blood of thousands of dolphins.

    People of Japan! You must ask yourself which you should fear the most: consequences for speaking out and doing something or ... consequences for not speaking out and doing something.

  2. People Of Japan, You may want to see this:

  3. I'm Angry Too! Thank you janic for Your Letter above directed to the Japanese People. Many are just like us, who do not want any part of killing of dolphins, and I know there are some who would be sickened by what is happening now that they are made aware. Please People, we need your voices to shout out against these atrocities to these gentle intelligent sea mammals. They are second to humans in intelligence, and Taiji is exterminating them in numbers each week. This is shameful and negligent. Will you be their voice? They cannot fight against their torturers and killers and captors. They are systematically driven into the cove by these Hunters and we are their ONLY HOPE. They need your help!

  4. I have tried to get my Japanese friends to watch the cove but they won't :-(
    They think if they ignore the problem it will go away.
    So frustrating.

  5. Kim and Kane, please do not give up. We need people like you.