Sunday, December 19, 2010

Taiji, Change Now!

Despite how repulsed we are by the ongoing dolphin slaughter in Taiji and the murder of approximately a dozen dolphins today, there are people who are willing to help the dolphin killers and the Town of Taiji.   There could be a marine park, dolphin watching tours, and other businesses that could transform Taiji from being the most hated place in Japan to being an attractive tourist destination.
Everyone loves a reformed criminal, but the offender must see the error of their ways, want to change, and ask for help. Taiji, please understand there are people who are prepared to help you.
Timing is everything.
After you have killed the last dolphin and your town is bankrupt, do you think anyone will be willing to assist? I highly doubt it.
When a mass murderer does not confess or repent until he is on his death bed, will there be compassion for this monster?  No. We will all say, “Rot in hell”.
For the Oceans,

Frightened Dolphins

I'm Watching for Banger Boats


  1. “We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  2. This is CRAZY ! The Taiji fisherman are a small group . The fisherman are the only ones making out financially.
    The selling of one bottle noise dolphin can bring over $150.000 . That's a lot of Yen ! It is my understanding that those of stopping the slaughter who are in Taiji are boycotting the hotels and restaurants in Taiji.
    That's a lot of lost revenue for the small Taiji business owner. What I would like to see his an effort to reach the small business owners and
    encourage them to put pressure on the Taiji fisherman to stop their slaughter . To have tourist come to see the whales and dolphin in their natural environment
    on tour boats. We could reach the Taiji business owner by post cards and adds in the local papers. What I would like to see is " Stay and play in Taiji . Japan Home to the happy Dolphin " No more killing ....