Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm Angry

Today I watched as four cowardly dolphin trainers were brought to the Cove in a skiff. Their heads were covered and their faces were turned away from our cameras. Two dolphins were selected for a life of captivity and the slaughter of the remaining dolphins began in the presence of the dolphin trainers. 
I was angry at the dolphin trainers and the dolphin hunters, but I must redirect my outrage.  Anyone who attends a show with dolphins and whales is keeping the killers of Taiji in business.  The price of dolphin meat is so low that the dolphin hunters would be out of business if it were not for the live dolphin trade.
Please tell everyone you know not to patronize any business that has captive whales or dolphins.  It is a matter of supply and demand.  If we eliminate the demand for captive dolphins, the slaughter in Taiji will stop.
Yes, be angry at the dolphin killers of Taiji, but please be equally outraged with the aquariums and amusement parks AND their patrons. They have blood on their hands.
For the Oceans,

Fishermen install a new sign that says dolphins and whales are their property


  1. After watching The Cove I don't know how anyone can even go near a dolphin show:-(
    It must be so hard to have to watch those cowards do what they do.

    Thank you for being there

  2. Hello Janice... Thank you for your Caring & Love of the Dolphins of Taiji. What a horrible thing to have to Observe and Report On. Bless You and the Dolphins. I just tweeted this on my two twitter accounts. Are you also on Twitter or Facebook to follow? If so, it would be great if you would post the links here on your blog. Thanks,

    I keep telling the World of these Shameful Actions. Thank You for Being there! ღ.*´`❤ஜ♥ LOVE CONQUERS ALL ♥ஜ❤´`*.ღ (I just wish it would do it NOW!)

    Cheryl, aka Muffyjo on the Web