Saturday, December 18, 2010

Who is Behind the Killing?

A few days ago, a pod of striped dolphins split and some managed to elude the hunters.  I feared the dolphins would stay in the area to look for their family members.  Today we believe it was that same family that was reunited in death.
What was particularly horrifying was that one of the dolphins was probably only a couple of weeks old. Anyone who could kill a baby dolphin must be morally bankrupt, but who is behind the mass murder of dolphins in Taiji?
The killers of Taiji are unionized employees whose boats bear the Mitsubishi logo.  As angry as I am at the fishermen, I realize they are just pawns in a much larger game.
We have been trying to start a dialogue with the fishermen and an intermediary said that a few of them seemed open to the idea. Yesterday as some of them were leaving their boat, they had to walk past us. We opted to not antagonize them by taking pictures and as they passed I said “Hello”.  Most had their faces turned away, but one nodded to me; almost before he realized what he was doing.  One of the killers of Taiji politely acknowledged a Cove Guardian!
We heard a rumour that the Mayor of Taiji told the fishermen they were not to meet with the Cove Guardians. What would the killers’ reaction be if they knew how much money others were making because of their heinous acts?
Big business and the Mayor of Taiji would prefer the fishermen remain ignorant and think a dolphin is just a big fish and that killing dolphins is ridding the ocean of pests.
For the Oceans,

After the Kill  - photo by Libby Miller Katsinis


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  2. Who is behind the killing? - I have been asking this question for years. I don't think the fisherman are as rich as we think they are. I think they get bugger-all of the overall price.... I agree, the Governments and corporations above them need to be investigated further!

  3. I agree with you Janice! Keep up with the amazing work for the dolphins! :D

    - Rebecca

  4. I am sure the Japanese government gets some benefits

  5. The whole thing smells corrupt to me. Government and big business are probably in this together. How disgusting is it that Mitsubishi's name is on the side of boats that are routinely used to annihilate a species??!! All of this could end tomorrow if Japanese business had any sense of corporate responsibility. Until then, they will hear from me everyday and you can better believe that everytime I make a purchase, I look the item over...and if I see the words "Made in Japan" I put it back on the shelf. I WILL NOT SUPPORT AN ECONOMY THAT SANCTIONS THE COLD BLOODED MURDER OF INNOCENT ANIMALS!